January 03, 2012

Nattie's Nook... #2!

                                                          Happy New Year:) 

      Today on nattie's nook I will be reviewing an all time favorite to anyone that is 30+, and new to this century The Sweet Valley Twins Diaries: Next Stop J.R. High.  Elizabeth and Jessica are twins. Elizabeth and her family where on there way to drop off Elizabeth at the airport in Sweet Valley,co.  She was going to the airport  to get dropped off to go to Costa Rica to help rebuild a community center that was damaged during a flood. Elizabeth has a good time. When Elizabeth is in Costa Rica, she falls in love with J.P., an obnoxious, crazy kid,( in my option).
Elizabeth decided to throw a party in the forest after all the work was done. That was were J.P. kissed her.  Elizabeth discovers that boys are trouble. Not much happened when she got home. I would recommend this to any Pre-Teen girls, and those who are 30+ should reread this again. Please join me next time when I review another book.     Untill then, Bye,Bye.




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thumbs up!!! good job!!!!! ... GMC