December 28, 2011


I read a post from the inspirational Ali Edwards who does a "word of the year" challenge. I decided to do my own version of this for 2012. The word I have decided on for 2012 is "FAITH"............

Faith is defined as: belief in, devotion to, or trust in somebody or something, especially without logical proof. 2011 was a very physically and mentally challenging year for me.... I had 2 major surgeries, 2 ER visits and 2 hospitalizations. My husband had a bad W/C surgery and has been out of work for over a year and my dad was diagnosed with Non Hodgkin's Disease. To say my faith was in question is quite the understatement. All I kept thinking was "Geesh God, you got anything else you want to dump on me?" Well, when they say God has a sense of humor I have to agree because we also got a broken down vehicle, a busted garage door, AND a non cooperating washer and dryer!

Through all this frustration what I failed to remember is that when God leads us to something he also leads us through it...... My surgery and recovery went well, while it took time I feel 100% better than what I did before the surgeries, My husband being off work has given him a chance to spend time with our children, and do some projects around the house that needed to get done......My dad is learning to appreciate the little things in life and taking it one day at a time.... Our vehicle got fixed... and our washer and dryer were still under warranty!

I know that 2012 will have its ups and its downs; but I am having FAITH that the good will outweigh the bad; and I will be thankful that I am still here to enjoy the ride!

What is YOUR word for 2012?

Here is the link to Ali Edwards if you want to see:

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Amy Purdy said...

This is great!!! <3 it!!