June 17, 2010

RAIN RAIN GO AWAY...................

We have had MASSIVE rain in the KC area these past few days, my basement had a WATERFALL in it, and the whole neighborhood is pretty much flooded..... here is a pic of my street after the rain yesterday

My husband helped a neighbor get unstuck after she tried to drive threw it, and her car died.  It has been REALLY crazy here weather wise lately...AND more rain today!!! UGGHHH!!!


treesawardincrafts said...

Oh Amanda, make sure you hold all the craft paper above your head! I feel for you, this is just a dreadful thing to have happen. Hopefully it is a one off and the clean up will not be too bad. I will be thinking of you tonight. Thank goodness your neighbours have you as their neighbours.

Stef H (Glitterbabe) said...

ouch! kudos to hubby. that lady needs a new brain - duh!!!

hope the rains stop soon and you all stay safe!

hugs :)