November 04, 2009


Feel free to play along and let me know so I can read your answers.... you can only use ONE WORD!!!

1. Where is your cell phone. PURSE

2. Your hair  MULTI-COLORED

3. Your Mother.  FRIEND

4. Your father. FIXIT

5..Your favourite food. MEXICAN

6. Your dream last night. WEIRD

7. Your favourite drink. WATER

8. Your dream/goal. RETIREMENT

9. What room are you in. OFFICE

10. Your hobby. DIGIS

11. Your fear. CLOWNS

12. Where do you want to be in 6 years.  RETIRED!

13. Where were you last night. BOYSCOUTS

14. Something that you aren't. SNOBBY

15. Muffins. CHOCOLATE

16. Wish List item.  PUNCHES

17. Where did you grow up. MISSOURI

18. Last thing you did. LUNCH

19. What are you wearing. PANTS

20. Your TV.  OFF

21. Your pets. DOGS

22. Friends. LOVELY

23. Your life. BLESSED

24. Your mood. GOOD.

25. Missing someone. HUBBY

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