July 25, 2009


What a BUMMER week this has been, my computer crashed and I lost ALL my pictures, Including all my Squigglefly ones!!! I was heartbroken, but I have learned a VALUABLE lesson, always back your pics up on CD!! It was an expensive lesson to learn, but it seems all life lessons are, huh? N E WAY I will have a new card psoted soon AND A cute project that I have been working on too! Hope U have a great rest of the weekend!


Jaspere said...

So sorry to hear that. Thanks for the reminder to back everything up. I really need to do that again soon.

Holly said...

Mandee, if you still have the email your download links came to you from Squigglefly you can get them back at no cost! Contact squigglefly if you can't find your e mail.

Scrubbysue said...

Awwww.......I'm so sorry mandee! that's awful.. : ( I would be heartbroken as well. But, your right...live and learn. I HATE that saying...LOL I hope your having a better day today.