May 22, 2008

FOR ONCE ( a poem)

For once I’d like to be, the woman in the mirror that everyone else can see.
The wife and the mother who always smiles and cleans
The one who is always submissive and is never ever mean.

For once I’d like to be happy with the woman ,who stares right back at me.
To be honest with my flaws and accept that I am me.

For once I’d like to reach for that impossible dream: to pretend that it is easy and doesn’t cost a thing.

For once I’d like to see the image and expectations lifted off of me
to smile, laugh and know that this is really me. I am who I am,
I am Mandee.

1 comment:

bumblebee creations said...

WOW-very impressive-I really really like your poem-it says a lot of good things! Ok so now we know you can make cards AND write the insides!!! : ) GREAT JOB!