October 18, 2007

Random trivia about me......

1. I was named after Miss Kitty on the TV show Gunsmoke ( Amanda Blake was changed to Amanda Beth)
2. Everyone says I remind them of Wilma Flinstone, EXCEPT for the hair!
3. I had two emergency c-sections and one planned.
4. My sister in law competed in Brnason Idol, she sounds just like Loretta Lynn.
5. I am related to Amelia Earhart on my mother's side.
6. I am working on a quilt, " A Grandmother's Flower Garden" I have been working on it for about 5 years, and I figure I might have it done by the time I AM a Grandma!!!
7. My favorite color is TEAL
8. My last name is TEEL.
9. My oldest is AMAZING at math, and wants to work for NASA.
10. My daughter looks like Shirley Temple.
11. My middle child likes to sing opera.
12. I work for an Insurance company, I HATE INSURANCE COMPANIES!
13. I have one brother, my husband has 2 sisters and 3 brothers.
14. One of my favorite movies is A Christmas Story.
15. Another one is Serendipity.
16. My mom is a 12 year survivor of breast cancer.
17. My Grandma ( mom's mom) died of breast cancer.
18. My very fist, actual job was at Captain D's.
19. My Favorite Job was as Assistant Manager @ Claire's... ( I had AWESOME jewelry back then...!!!)
20. I love photography....I have a camera everwhere I go!

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